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Unveiling 3 Secrets to Elevate Your Eloquence"

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Let's embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of public speaking, a journey that's much like any other valuable pursuit in life. It's a journey marked by passion, discipline, and unwavering action, akin to a grand adventure. As we navigate this path, you'll come to realize that there are three key ingredients, much like the essential components of a secret recipe, that forge the path to greatness in the world of public speaking. And yes, you CAN become a Captivating Speaker. This isn't a skill reserved for a lucky few. Anyone can become a great speaker with a little determination and with the right training.

First, picture a roaring fire deep within you. You must have an unquenchable desire to become a captivating orator. It's not just a wish but a burning, passionate need. Imagine it like a fire so intense it consumes your every thought. This was the force that drove me, that led me to devour every book, course, and speaking group I could find. To be a great speaker, this desire must become an obsession that fuels your journey.

The second ingredient is discipline, the foundation upon which mastery is built. Consider the great athletes, the Olympians and champions; they didn't ascend to greatness by simply reading about their sport or watching from the sidelines. No, they had to step onto the field, into the arena, and put in the work. The same holds true for public speaking. Discipline is your daily gym, where you lift the weights of practice and sweat the sweat of determination. It's where the more you invest, the greater your rewards. I've witnessed folks attending Toastmasters meetings for years, but without the devotion and commitment, they stagnate. It's like living in a garage and hoping to transform into a car.

The third ingredient is action, the catalyst of transformation. Discipline is the fuel, but action is your foot on the accelerator. Reading, watching, learning – these are the preliminary steps, but to truly excel, you must practice, practice, and practice some more.

Yet, these ingredients alone aren't enough; you must also be coachable, humble, and open to growth. I once mentored an individual brimming with natural talent, a diamond in the rough. However, he lacked the discipline and work ethic required for greatness. On the other hand, I coached another man who, despite English being his second language and struggling with fluency, possessed an unyielding determination. I suggested he enter the World Championships of Public Speaking, and he soared all the way to the finals. He was the embodiment of the three ingredients, and his unwavering commitment led to astounding results.

I've encapsulated the essence of these lessons in my book, "What Are You Saying?" It's your guide to self-improvement when hiring a coach isn't feasible. Remember, this journey requires passion, discipline, action, and humility. So, embark on your quest for eloquence with unwavering determination, and you shall reap the bountiful rewards of mastering the art of public speaking. This will benefit you in so many ways that may not be obvious. I recently spoke to one of my students, Daniel Mentz. He has come a long way since he hired me to be his speaking coach. He told me that one thing that he has never forgotten is that I said, "You will use these skills in so many areas of your life!" He shared that he is still seeing the benefits, not only in his professional life, but also in his personal life. This is what fuels my passion!

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