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Mission Statement
Our mission is rooted in the spirit of Ubuntu, a profound African expression of community, which encapsulates the principle: 

"I am because WE are." This is a spirit of community and generosity. We are committed to enhancing the lives of both our team members and clients through unwavering dedication, love, and passion while harnessing our God-given talents to their fullest. Our purpose is to empower individuals to CREATE, COMMUNICATE, and CONNECT with enhanced efficacy and accountability.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to ascend to the pinnacle of Personal and Professional Development organizations on a global scale, with an unwavering focus on 'Connected Communication.' Our ultimate aspiration is to contribute to a world that is characterized by greater love, care, and interconnectedness.

Core Values

Our CORE values are summarized in the acronym UPLIFT:

Unity - Unity is the cornerstone of strength, binding individuals and communities together to achieve shared goals.

Passion - Passion is important because it fuels dedication, drives creativity, and sustains motivation in the pursuit of meaningful goals.
Loyalty - We nurture a sense of loyalty within our team, and we wholeheartedly extend this loyalty to our esteemed clients.

Integrity - Our commitment to honesty and unwavering consistency in both our words and actions.

Fairness - Fairness, as a core value, ensures that every individual is given an equal opportunity to thrive, fostering a just and equitable society where trust and integrity flourish.

Teachability - Our commitment to humility and the perpetual embrace of learning is a driving force behind our continual growth and advancement.



A Captivating Personal and Professional Development Company With A Focus on Communication.

Chanti Niven

Captivating Speakers was originally founded by Chanti Niven (Chanti Niven International), a multiple award-winning public speaking champion and successful entrepreneur, who has founded and developed several successful companies. Chanti Niven is a multiple award-winning international public speaking champion, successful entrepreneur, and popular business and speaking coach hired by some of the world's most successful people, including celebrities, entertainers, politicians, executives, and educators. She helps her clients uncover their personal brands and dramatically increase their income. Many of her clients have reported that they have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled their income after coaching. Chanti is the creator of the Captivating Speakers Program, the founder and owner of Chanti Niven International (CNI), a partner in Captivating Speakers Global, and is Vice-Chair of GERA (The Global Education Research Alliance). 


Desiree Luethy teaching Captivating Kids

Step into the captivating world of The Captivating Kids Program, a brainchild born from the dynamic collaboration of Desiree Luethy and Chanti Niven within the realm of Captivating Speakers. This innovative program is a beacon of hope in today's rapidly evolving landscape, where imparting vital communication skills to our youth has taken on unprecedented significance, especially in the post-pandemic era.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill program; it's a transformative journey that equips kids with an arsenal of essential life skills. It's about more than just public speaking; it's a holistic approach encompassing interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, and social adeptness.

In a world where digital platforms have taken center stage, and the boundaries between online and in-person communication have blurred, the ability to convey thoughts, connect, and resolve conflicts has become paramount.

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