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Captivating Kids & Teens

Unleashing Your Child's Communication Superpowers!

Award-winning public speakers, professional educators, and communication specialists developed the Captivating Kids & Teens program, geared towards kids aged from 8 to 17. The result is an innovative program, the only one of its kind in the world delivered by professional speakers to help kids learn the skills they need to propel them to success in life.

"Speak Up, Stand Out!"

What Your Child Will Learn While Having Fun

Critical And Creative Thinking Skills
Leadership And Collaboration (Teamwork)
Memory Boosting And Retention
Active Listening
Observational Skills
Mastering Body Language
Crafting Effective Speeches
Social Skills


Conflict Resolution

Empathy Skills

Entrepreneurial Spirit And Innovation

Persuasive Skills

Comedy Improv

Resilience And Flexibility


Interviewing Skills

Boosting Likeability And Popularity

Combat Bullying
People Skills

How Your Child Will Benefit From Training

Public speaking and social skills training for kids offer a multitude of invaluable benefits. Beyond honing the ability to communicate effectively and confidently, these programs empower children to express themselves articulately, build self-esteem, and foster leadership qualities from a young age. They cultivate active listening, empathy, and the capacity to collaborate harmoniously with peers, essential skills that extend beyond the classroom into all aspects of life. Additionally, such training equips children with the tools to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world, setting the stage for their personal and academic success.

Our "Rapid Results Program"  is available as an Enriching Extracurricular or Elective Offering in Exclusive Schools. With a proven track record of successfully training thousands of students across hundreds of institutions, our program boasts remarkable achievements and a wealth of glowing testimonials. 


Words cannot express how thrilled and amazed I am at my daughter's progress in such a short period of time.  Captivating Kids has been the very BEST PROGRAM I have enrolled her in. I am definitely continuing with the course and am going to enroll my son as well. Thank you to the amazing teachers. Your positive attitude and words of encouragement have allowed my daughter to flourish and become a more confident individual.

Mary Tavidian

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