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Get Over Yourself And Into Others

Mastering Public Speaking: Your Audience Is Your North Star

Picture this: you're about to address a room full of people, and then, those dreaded nerves kick in. You feel the butterflies in your tummy, your knees begin to knock, and your hands become clammy and hot. It's a feeling we all know too well. But here's a little secret that can transform your entire public speaking game: the audience isn't actually there to scrutinize your every move. They actually WANT you to succeed! And, even if you do mess up, they are quick to forget.

Think about it like this - if you had a photo of yourself in a crowd, whose face would you be glued to? Yep, your own. We're all a bit self-absorbed in that way. So, here's the kicker: those people in front of you are the same way. They're too busy thinking about themselves to nitpick your every word or gesture.

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room: self-consciousness. When you're in that state, it's all about you and not about the audience. And that's when the fear creeps in. But what if I told you that you could flip the script?

Here's the game-changer: switch your focus from self to the audience. Yes, prepare your speech meticulously, but when you're up there, forget about your own self-doubt. Instead, channel your energy into what you can offer the people in front of you. What do THEY want or need to hear? What do you have that can help them?

But there's more to the story. The road to self-assured public speaking might just involve embracing a bit of silliness. In our workshops, we get participants to sport zany socks and strut their stuff with quirky walks. It might sound goofy, and it is, but here's the twist - once you give in to the silliness, the room erupts with laughter. And here's the real magic: when we shed our self-imposed seriousness, we find our true selves.

So, remember this: public speaking isn't about you, it's about your audience. So, let your inner speaker run wild, dive headfirst into the joyful madness, and watch as you become the captivating orator you were meant to be.

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