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Chanti Niven, a renowned international public speaking champion with multiple prestigious awards, is not just a successful entrepreneur but also a highly sought-after business and speaking coach. Her clientele includes a roster of some of the world's most accomplished individuals, spanning celebrities, entertainers, politicians, executives, and educators. Chanti is renowned for her unique ability to help clients unearth their personal brands and achieve a remarkable increase in their income. Many of her clients have seen their earnings double, triple, and even quadruple after working with her.

At the core of her success lies the acclaimed Captivating Speakers Program, a revolutionary approach to mastering the art of public speaking. Chanti Niven is not only the brains behind this groundbreaking program but also the proud founder and owner of Chanti Niven International (CNI) – a thriving enterprise dedicated to personal and professional development. In addition to her coaching prowess, Chanti holds the esteemed position of CEO at Captivating Speakers Global, a company dedicated to transforming individuals into captivating and influential speakers. Her multifaceted career, spanning public speaking excellence, entrepreneurial success, and a dedication to advancing education, showcases her commitment to helping others realize their full potential and achieve unparalleled success.

Chanti Niven

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