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More Than Public Speaking for Kids (Virtual)

  • 8Weeks
  • 6Steps
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Become a captivating communicator in just 8 hours with our "More Than Public Speaking Program" for ages 8yo-12yo. Discover the power of conscious communication, compelling content creation, and impactful storytelling. Learn vocal mastery, confident body language, and the art of thinking on your feet. Present your mini-speech and receive valuable feedback. Unleash your speaking potential today! 🗣️✨ This course is taught by award-winning public speakers, professional educators, and communication specialists who developed the Captivating Speakers Kids & Teens program, geared towards kids aged from 8yo to 12yo. The result is an innovative program, the only one of its kind in the world delivered by professional speakers to help kids learn the skills they need to propel them to success in life.

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